Lara Kurtzman was born in New York and came of age just as the Punk Rock revolution was colliding head-on with the conservative backlash of new age consumerism, brand consciousness and overt materialism; forces which arguably found their greatest emblematic expression through extreme countercurrents of music and popular fashion. As a young artist with deep roots in New York's fashion and jewelry industries and a profound connection with its music and street culture, Lara witnessed the city's transition from the epicenter of cultural foment and artistic innovation toward commoditized self-obsession, celebrity worship and radical capitalism. The dynamic of this transition became a profound source of inspiration in her work as a fine artist and designer.

As a student at the Rhode Island School Of Design, Lara studied with modern masters and working artisans. The intensive training she received and her exposure to a broad range of material skills and creative philosophies, further defined Lara's personal approach to the creative process.

After graduation she returned to New York and began creating custom jewelry and accessories for a select clientele who were looking for elegant designs with an anarchistic edge; works of wearable art that celebrated glamour and sophistication as much as they honored material craft and fearless personal style. Lara established Kelacala Q, LLC a privately held company with studio headquarters in the heart of Greenwich Village.

You can learn more about Lara Kurtzman and Kelacala Q by checking out, On Twitter @LARA_NYC or on Facebook at


Photo Credit: Slija Magg

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