At Kelacala Q we understand that there is a remarkable aesthetic alchemy that occurs when an extraordinary person is paired with an exceptional piece of jewelry. Jewelry and accessories unite the wardrobe with the wearer, providing the finishing touches and the personal flourishes that elevate, accentuate and define the wearer's unique sense of beauty and personal style. We work to unleash the emotional power of that mysterious sensual phenomenon. Our jewelry and accessories are part of a creative dialogue with our customers that transcends dictatorial trend and confining categories, elevating the experience of adornment to a pure expression of personal identity and inner beauty. Everything we design we design with passion. Everything we make we make with love. It's something our customers recognize and appreciate and it matters to us as much as it matters to them.

Exquisite materials, deep respect for centuries of artisanal craftsmanship and a healthy dose of playful irreverence, lay at the heart of everything we do at Kelacala Q. Answering the needs of women and men looking for timeless original jewelry and accessories to reflect their own unique characters and individual styles, Lara Kurtzman's designs define the perfect combination of artistic edge and urban sophistication, imbued with independent beauty and creative soul.

Kelacala Q is continually experimenting with new materials and techniques that push the boundaries of fashion and expand the possibilities of glamour and style. We have something in our collections for nearly everyone. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind custom piece, a personalized wedding collection, a boutique retail assortment, or a mass-market line for national distribution, Kelacala Q offers unparalleled service and direct access to our designers and artisans, ensuring that every detail is representative of what you need. True to the company’s New York City roots, each and every design is made to inspire an empowering sense of individuality, rebellious glamour and timeless beauty.

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